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Information technology platforms are rarely, if ever, a standard affair. At DISI we excel in the non-standard. We can provide customized solutions for nearly any challenge. Whether needing custom reports from an existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform, a web or Intranet site, or a custom desktop application, DISI can deliver. Here are just some of the custom services we can provide:

Reporting Services

Information is the key! Let us help you turn your data into valuable information to help you run your business more effectively. We can help you take out the guess-work when it comes to decision making to help your business grow. We specialize in not only the reporting aspects of the process but also in the all-important aspect of finding the data when it is encased within complex database systems, hiding from view. DISI utilizes cutting edge, industry standard platforms like SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports to deliver full-featured and informative reports and offer deeper insight into your business.

Development Services

Sometimes, off-the-shelf just won’t get the job done. We can help you get the solution you need, delivered in the way you need it. Whether you need a basic website, or a more complex web or desktop application, DISI has the professional expertise, using industry leading technologies, to deliver the solution that is right for you.

Implementation Support Services

Need help deploying that new business system or operations software? DISI has the overall knowledge, experience, and expertise to handle just about anything that you can throw at us! We can help even if you just need some expert advice or someone to interface with your selected software vendor or value added reseller (VAR). DISI has worked with some of the industry’s most complex systems and can leverage decades of experience to make you next deployment a success!

Security Evaluation & Implementation

While the Internet is an essential tool, delivering many benefits for nearly every organization, it also creates new, serious and fast-growing security and privacy risks. By connecting organizations and consumers in new ways, the Internet helps business managers and CIOs, but also criminals. Using the Internet, hackers, thieves and other criminals have plagued enterprises and consumers with digital viruses and worms, denial-of-service attacks, password phishing, and identity theft.

CIOs determined to protect their enterprises against these threats have made security a top investment priority. In 2011, global spending on cyber-security reached an estimated $60 billion; that spending level is forecast to grow by 10 percent a year over the next three to five years.

DISI can help by delivering targeted security solutions such as, security assessments, identity access policy management, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning…and others.

Pre-Implementation Site Evaluation

The Pre‐implementation Site Evaluation (PSE) is used to develop a complete snapshot of the customer’s business system related IT/IS infrastructure to determine suitability for supporting their proposed Enterprise Resource Planning platform. The result of the PSE is a roadmap outlining its results as well as recommendations aimed at bringing the customer up to real world usability and operational standards for a successful ERP deployment based upon the customer’s specific business requirements and related best practices. This documentation and consultation can be delivered directly to the customer’s own onsite or contracted IT/IS support personnel for full implementation. DISI can also assist the customer’s IT/IS personnel with implementation of the PSE plan or even perform all requested services directly as part of our Implementation Support Services (ISS) package.

PSE services focus on, but are not necessarily limited to, the following major layers of a deployment: Application, Database, Network, Disaster Recovery, and Security.

DISI offers many custom solutions to fit just about any business need. If you are looking for a more specific solution, give us a call or contact us via email by visiting our contact information page.